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Waking up this morning was no easy task. The grey skies only made this Wednesday feel like yet another Monday, so when lunchtime rolled around, I knew what I needed to turn this day around: delivery! I have been hearing good things about BaoHaus ever since it opened, and when I saw that it delivered here to the Delivery.com offices, my mind was made up.

The owners of BaoHaus, brothers Eddie and Evan Huang, serve up delicious “gua bao” aka Taiwanese hamburgers. Meat comes on a soft white bun – the bao – and includes typical Taiwanese ingredients. The menu is very simple (but delicious!), only containing around 20 entrees, including drinks.

I ordered the Chairman Bao, the Birdhaus Bao, and the Taro Fries, and eagerly awaited their arrival.

The food arrived shortly – and I went to work! I tried the Chairman Bao first, a bun containing braised all natural Berkshire pork belly with crushed peanut, cilantro, Haus relish, and Taiwanese red sugar.  The bun was airy and light, and balanced wonderfully with the fatty pork and condiments. The crushed peanut offered a great textural contrast, and the red sugar provided some sweetness to the bao.

Next, the Birdhaus Bao, which contained all-natural fried chicken, haus seasoning salt, cilantro, crushed peanuts and Taiwanese red sugar. This bao was my favorite! Seeing a different take on fried chicken was refreshing, and the whole bao came together very, very well.

To finish off, my taro fries were definitely a welcome alternative to typical fries. While not exactly common here, taro is a staple of Asian cuisine. Here, the root vegetable was sliced up and fried until they were crispy. The fries were a perfect ending to a very flavorful and tasty Taiwanese meal. Next time you are feeling the rainy day blues, order in some DELICIOUS Taiwanese fare- from BaoHaus on Delivery.com!

BaoHaus – 238 E 14th St

Delivery Range: E 4th St – 6th Ave – E 24th St

Delivery Hours: 11:30AM – 11:30 PM Monday-Sunday



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