Beat the Heat: Top 10 Foods to Order When It’s Hot

Feeling hot? Cool down with some delivery!

Today is the first official day of summer and according to the scorching temperatures (93 degrees in NYC!), it looks like it’s going to be a hot one.

If you’re planning on beating the summer heat by staying close to an air conditioner and ordering delivery, we’re with you. To make sure you stay even cooler, we’ve rounded up some of the best – and coldest – dishes and items on to make sure you don’t break a sweat. Check them out and let us know what you order when the temperatures start to soar.

  1. Ice Cream: Obvious, yes, but this cold treat is the ultimate summer food. An order from Popbar or fro-yo favorite Pinkberry will definitely help make this weather bearable.
  2. Sushi: Cold, fresh and refreshing. Sushi delivery from a popular sushi spot like SushiSamba is the perfect answer for dinner on a hot day. Just make sure to watch out for the wasabi.
  3. Salads: You can’t go wrong a light, crunchy, cool salad. Pile on the veggies and enjoy a perfect summer meal. Terri Vegetarian and Blossom du Jour are two spots with some tasty salads.
  4. Gazpacho: Soup is definitely not a summer food – unless it’s cold! Ruben’s Empanadas is just one of the restaurants on with great gazpacho.
  5. Sandwiches: Now is not the time for a meatball sub, but the right sandwich can give you something substantial while still keeping you cool. Check out some of the options at No. 7 Sub or City Sandwich.
  6. BBQ: There’s no way we’re firing up the grill in this heat, but summer isn’t summer without some barbecue. Order ribs, chicken or brisket from great BBQ spots like Hill Country and Dallas BBQ.
  7. Hummus: Cool dips like hummus are a great snack on hot days. Nanoosh delivers delicious hummus and there are tons of other great Middle Eastern restaurants ready to take your order.
  8. Juices & Smoothies: Throw in a few extra ice cubes and sip your way to ice cold satisfaction with a fruity juice or smoothie.
  9. Ice: Fact: There’s no better way to get cold than with ice. Order a bag or two from grocery stores like Village Farm. We’re not saying you should do this, but we’re not saying you shouldn’t either.
  10. Drinks: A cold beer, an icy margarita or a chilly glass of white wine can almost make you forget how hot it is out there. Order your favorite summer beverage from a local wine and liquor shop like East River Liquors.


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