Happy Onion Ring Day!

A great American appetizer, the onion ring is a classic crunchy treat that is always delicious. Not that you need a reason to warrant craving this satisfying snack, but today is Onion Ring Day- and we think that you should celebrate by ordering in some scrumptious onion rings. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to get onion rings across different cities.

B.E.A.N.S. Chicken (NY) – If there’s one thing this barbeque restaurant excels at (other than their barbeque, of course!), it’s their onion rings. Order a side of their beer battered onion rings for a guaranteed great accompaniment to your meal.

Showdogs (SF) – Hot dogs and onion rings, how could you go wrong with classic American favorites?

Roni’s Diner (LA) – Another great option that offers up beer battered onion rings, so you can enjoy Onion Ring Day the right way.

Dear Franks of Niles (CHI) – You Chicago-ians may love your deep dish pizza, but tonight it’s time for onion rings! Order delivery from this restaurant so you can get to munching.

Tommy Doyle’s Kendall Square (BOS) – Not only craving onions but other appetizers as well? Splurge for the appetizer sampler – where you get wings, skins, nachos, and onion rings. Now that’s a celebration.

Frak’s Steak & Co (PHI) – Are you a hardcore onion ring fan? Elevate your delivery to a whole other level with a ring of onions with texas petal sauce from this Philly eatery.

Anyway you celebrate this festive holiday (as long as it’s with onion rings), Delivery.com is here to help.


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3 comments: On Happy Onion Ring Day!

  • Yes another post about onion rings. I just recently reviewed my favorite fast food onion rings which can be found at Fatburger and now I’d like to share with you the monstrous rings from Ted’s Montana Grill . More specifically, they are called “Salt-n’-Pepper” Onion Rings and of course I substituted my fries for 5 of these giants. If you’d like them as an appetizer, the restaurant I went to (Sterling, Va) has them priced at $7 for 10 onion rings. A table of 3 or 4 should be satisfied with 10 rings as an appetizer. Very big, great seasoning, perfect crunch…if you are a fan of onion rings I would recommend these highly.

  • When I was a kid growing up in Los Angeles, my grandmother used to take me to the farmers market in Miracle Mile. After the market, we would walk over to Bob’s Big Boy and order a serving of fried onion rings. We probably ordered hamburgers too, but all I remember to this day was how much I loved those onion rings. As far as I knew at age five or six, Bob’s was the only place on the planet to get them.

  • Ditto for Henry James. The High Point barbecue restaurant may have an erudite literary namesake, but the order of the day is quick, basic and no frills when it comes to onion rings. Evening manager Joe Smith doesn’t mind disclosing that the rings come out of a frozen package supplied by under the Brew City brand by food service giant McCain. Sit-down or takeout, customers can also enjoy hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, ribs, sliced barbecue, beef barbe cue, chicken tenders and chicken nuggets.

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