Happy French Fry Day!

Happy National French Fry Day! Image via http://www.conservapedia.com

What better way to end your week than by celebrating National French Fry day? There’s no better time than today to celebrate your favorite form of potatoes! Out of the two tons of french fries that Americans consume annually (it’s true!), we suggest playing your part in getting to that huge number by ordering in some fries to go with your lunch or dinner today – because, hey, what doesn’t go with french fries?

Here are some great options for fries, both simple and extravagant, in NYC:

  • Joy Burger Bar – Not only are their burgers great, but so are their homemade french fries.
  • American Retro – This eatery has delicious variations of tater tots (the french fry’s cousin) – such as buffalo tots (tossed in their wing sauce, topped with blue cheese)
  • Crif Dogs – Try their chili cheese fries! Afterwards, wash those fries down with one of their bacon wrapped hot dogs.
  • BaoHaus – Enjoy their Asian influenced Taro Fries for a fun alternative to regular potato french fries, along with a bao or two.

No matter what kind of fries you enjoy on this festive holiday, make sure you order in from Delivery.com for a great delivery experience.


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  • It seems every food has its own day, and today is National French Fry Day, for those of you keeping score at home. Here’s one man’s take on the very personal and delicate topic of French fries.

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