Happy Fortune Cookie Day!

Happy Fortune Cookie Day! Image via www.wikipedia.org

Bet you didn’t know this day existed, huh? Here at Delivery.com, we’re all about celebrating the little things.. and today, we’re definitely going to pay homage to our favorite prophetic treat. Here’s a fun fact: did you know that the largest manufacturer of fortune cookies is Wonton Food Inc, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY? Fortunately for you, New Yorkers, millions of fortune cookies are being produce on your home turf every day. In order to celebrate this great day, it’s only fitting to order in some delicious Chinese delivery! We’ve rounded up some of the top restaurants in NYC right here.

Six Happy Kitchen (213 E Broadway) – This restaurant would be great for lunch or dinner, but we especially recommend their very affordable lunch specials!

Asian Wok (88 Fulton St) – All your favorite Chinese take-out dishes are served here: lo mein, fried rice, beef broccoli, dumplings, egg rolls.. need we go on?

Fusia Asian Cuisine (677c Lexington Ave) – This eatery puts a spin on all your traditional Chinese favorites, and also serves other Thai and Japanese foods.

Shanghai Mong (30 W 32nd St) – Tons of delicious noodles to choose from for delicious delivery.

Alpha Fusion (365 W 34th St) – Order in your favorite Asian favorites from the huge menu from this Fusion restaurant.

No matter what kind of food you order in on this holiday, remember this: much more Delivery.com orders are in your future! How’s that for a fortune?


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