Happy National Potato Day!

It’s National Potato Day! Image via www.wikipedia.org

Personally, we think the potato is oft overlooked as one of the most delicious vegetables. Small and unassuming, the potato lacks the gusto of other more complex vegetables – brussel sprouts, asparagus, etc – but makes up for it in prolificness. So today, we’d like to give a shout-out to our pick of most versatile vegetable – we find the potato equally awesome baked, fried, mashed, or scalloped! This joyous occasion can act as the perfect excuse to indulge in some of your favorite potato-made treats – with Delivery.com’s help. We have tons of restaurants city-wide that have delicious potato based dishes, so below, we’ve highlighted a few to get the ball rolling on your Potato Day celebration!

  • Tio Pio West (46 W 36th St) – Order in some delicious home fries to go along with breakfast to turn your morning around!
  • Terri Vegetarian (60 W 23rd St) – For you herbivores out there, we can’t think of a better meal than that of a hummus and avocado wrap with a side of potato salad.
  • Thelewala (112 MacDougal St) – Potatoes have never been tastier than they are in Indian dish Aloo Dum, a popular potato curry from Calcutta.
  • Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine (73 New St) – Try out this Cuban restaurant’s mashed potatoes stuffed with ground beef stew!
  • Lucky’s Famous Burgers (264 W 23rd St) – Of course, you’ll need french fries to celebrate this holiday! Lucky’s smokin’ fries have cajun spices and Lucky’s famous sauce and is DELICIOUS. You’re welcome.



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