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Remedy Diner is a classic New York City diner – open 24 hours, serves up a mean sandwich, and great for getting breakfast anytime – but what makes Remedy special is that this Lower East Side spot is one of the most popular places on People ordering from this local diner, and it’s not hard to see why. The food is always delicious and you can get whatever you want, whenever you want.

To learn more about one of’s favorite spots, we sat down with Peter, the owner of Remedy Diner. Read on to find out what people order the most at Remedy, crazy delivery stories, and how Lady Gaga likes her eggs.

When did you open Remedy Diner and why a restaurant?

I opened in 2007 and my family has owned restaurants long before I came on the scene.

So, you’ve been in the restaurant industry for a while. What were some of your first responsibilities?

My dad and uncle still own a restaurant on the Upper West Side. It’s been around for over 50 years and I was doing different jobs there – cashier, delivery, fixing things, and pretty much getting the feel of how a restaurant operates.

Wow. 50 years. They were doing deliveries back in the day. What’s the name of the place?

Yea, I would do deliveries once and while. It’s called 3 Star Coffee Shop.

And by you working there growing up, it helped you to realize that you wanted to be in the restaurant industry?

My family has been involved with restaurants in one way or another and I wanted to start my own business when I was ready.

Why did you choose Remedy Diner as the name of your own restaurant?

When I was scoping the neighborhood out, I realized that there are a lot of young people going out at night, working late and roaming the streets. I wanted to have a name that would help with their ailments like being hungover or the stress of working in the city. Remedy is open 24 hours a day to remedy people’s issues when it comes to food and comfort.

Being open 24/7 must be tough sometimes.

Being open 24 hours means I need to be on top of my team and inventory. We don’t use canned or processed products so it makes it more difficult but more rewarding at the same time.

What’s the most popular dish?

Pancakes. I think it’s because I use my grandma’s recipe and they are made from scratch.

What’s your favorite dish at Remedy?

The New York Strip Steak.

What’s the most memorable experience your delivery team has shared with you?

They don’t tell me much, but I heard a story about a blonde girl answering the door completely naked.

Yikes. What about celebrities – does anyone famous come to Remedy?

Lady Gaga. She came in with her Monsters at like 4 am.

No way! What did she order?

Eggs over easy.

Classic. So are you thinking about expanding?

I’m actually opening up a spot in Queens. It’s a diner and closer to home so I can spend time there while things get settled.

Do you order delivery when you’re home or do you cook?

I would love to cook more often but I’ve been so busy. I order delivery like 95% of the time.

We hear you. You sound busy! If you could open up any kind of business anywhere in the world, where and what would it be?

I would love to open a jet-ski business in the Caribbean

Really? That’s a lot different than a diner.

Yea, I would get to relax, enjoy the scenery and have some fun.

Sounds nice. Good luck with the new location in Queens, and let us know when you have that jet-ski rental squared away. We’ll be your first customers.

Try out this neighborhood favorite for yourself – we recommend the pancakes, but we hear Lady Gaga likes the eggs. Order from Remedy Diner on



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