on Huffington Post: Local Businesses Growing With Gen D (Generation Delivery)

Are you part of Generation Delivery? If you love, you probably are, and your delivery habits may be helping small businesses.

Today, CEO Jed Kleckner, shared his thoughts with Huffington Post on Gen D and how it is helping encourage growth among local businesses.

“Today’s get it now society wants more than just a cool phone with instant access to news, friends and family – they want dinner served up too. Mealtime planning has shifted with the generations. In the 1950s, TV dinners became the convenient meal while takeout gained traction in the 70s. In the 1990s, speedy delivery became popular at pizza joints while in the Internet era, online ordering started gaining traction with techies and early adopters. Today, on-demand delivery is common for busy professionals and urbanites with a couple of clicks on a web site or through the tap of an app. Delivery helps drive revenue for local businesses, such as restaurants, across the U.S. by reaching more customers in the neighborhood. This new delivery focused mindset makes up Gen D — the delivery generation.”He shares stories from’s very own merchant partners about how they’ve seen a shift towards delivery and how it has improved their businesses.”

The article, published on Huffington Post’s Small Business Blog, also includes stories from’s merchant partners about how they are noticing a shift in how customers order and how delivery has improved their businesses.

“While larger chains are struggling with the shift from next day to same day, local businesses are already profiting from Gen D. Hoboken, New Jersey’s Biggie’s Clam Bar has been family-run for four generations. Today, delivery is a substantial 35 percent of their business mix and they have regulars who order delivery as often as others come into the restaurant. “We get online orders from business pros leaving their Manhattan office asking for dinner to be delivered when they arrive home,” said Steve Ranuro, great-grandson of founder Joseph “Biggie” Yaccarino. “We have a personal connection with the folks who order online and find that they will order a wider selection of entrees off the menu while many of our in-store regulars stick with the burger or clams they always eat.”
Read the full article, Local Businesses Growing With Gen D (Generation Delivery), by CEO Jed Kleckner here.



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