Step Up Your Meals: Pairing Takeout with Wine

For me, there are few things finer than a glass of wine after a long day. But besides tasting fabulous, wine can be a guilt-free treat since it provides many health benefits few other drinks do. Research suggests that wine, in moderation, can reduce the risk of stroke, heart-attack and type 2-diabetes. On top of that, wine drinkers have a lower mortality rate than beer and spirit drinkers.

With this information, it only makes sense that wine would be the ideal beverage to pair with any meal. And by doing so, you can transform the necessary task of feeding yourself into a special meal. But trying to pair the right wine with takeout can seem daunting. Many takeout foods aren’t traditionally meals that call for wine pairing. Fortunately, I’m not one for keeping with tradition. So here are some quick and easy recommendations for choosing a great wine to go with your dinner:


Complex Flavors – Pad Thai: Pinot Noir

I love pad Thai. Sweet, spicy, and loaded with vegetables – all my favorite components for a great food. With all of these unique flavors though, it can be tricky to find a suitable pairing. If you’re not a red wine person, a Riesling substitutes easily for its ability to complement the ginger, lime and cilantro.


Keeping it Simple – Beef and Broccoli: Malbec

Beef and broccoli: Two ingredients, one meaty and delicious meal. The perfect match for that much meat and flavor is something dark and red. When attempting to pair your steak with wine, it is usually safe to choose a medium to dark red.



Dress It Up

Just because you’re getting a pizza doesn’t mean you have to go for the old standbys like beer and soda. Step it up with a beautiful glass of red and feel like you’re having a meal—not just food—for dinner.

Pepperoni Pizza: Zinfandel


For the Vegetarians – Falafel & Hummus with Greek Salad: Pinot Grigio

Greek food is wonderful for vegetarians and flexitarians because there is no loss of necessary protein with the wonderful use of chickpeas. If you’ve never had falafel before, you’re really missing out. It’s like a mini flavor explosion in your mouth. Order a pita stuffed with falafel, hummus and vegetables today and you will not be disappointed.

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Ashley Howe is a food enthusiast, a clean-eating blogger and a full-time chef to two little ones. When not experimenting in the kitchen, Ashley likes to seek out new foods and ways to make eating deliciously fun and accessible to everyone. You can find her recipes and tips at and follow her on Twitter,  Instagram, and Facebook.



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