Best Slice in NYC? For Sean Taylor, Suprema Reigns Supreme

“What’s your favorite slice in the city?”  That’s the most frequent question I have been asked since embarking on my first annual quest for the 31 Days of Pizza over a dozen years ago.


My answer is “NY Pizza Suprema.”  In its over 40 years of existence, NY Pizza Suprema is consistently ranked amongst the top pizzerias and even received the coveted Slicey Award an unprecedented three times from yours truly.


Current owner Joe Riggio has modernized the pizzeria by extending the hours, upgrading the dining area and expanding the delivery zones all while maintaining the legacy and recipes of his father, the late Salvatore Riggio.  The plain cheese slice is my personal favorite.  Listed as 18″ in diameter, the pie delivered to my apartment arrived with a 19.75+” firm-yet-foldable crust.  It was so big it barely fit in the box!  The sturdy, evenly cooked underside comes topped with the industry’s best low moisture Wisconsin Grande mozzarella, imported Italian Pecorino Romano grated cheese, and naturally sweet California tomato sauce. With so much flavor, toppings are unnecessary.  If you opt for one or more of the fresh toppings, try to keep it to a minimum so as not to overwhelm the taste of the top quality basic components.

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Interested in something different?  I recommend the Upside Down Sicilian.  Another signature, the Upside Down is a deep-dish square slice, so named because the onion-based sauce sits on top of the high quality cheese blend.  Seasoned with olive oil and herbs, the Upside Down provides a unique and filling alternative to the standard slice.  Feel free to over order because it reheats well—some argue it reheats even better!


NY Pizza Suprema may look and charge like an ordinary slice place, but it tastes like your new favorite pizza joint.  If you are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of Penn Station, get NY Pizza Suprema delivered now!  Otherwise, just drop by the pizzeria, I’ll meet you there.

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large_seantaylorSean Taylor has been blogging about pizza since he began his annual Quest for the 31 Days of Pizza in 2002.  He also teaches and performs improv comedy at the Magnet Theater. You can follow him on Twitter @seantaylor or visit him



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