10 Fun Facts About Beer

Did you know that beer is the third most popular drink in the world, coming in just behind tea and some stuff called “water”?

So top off your glasses, and let’s get to know our favorite (alcoholic) beverage a little bit better.


Fun facts about beer:

  1. The world’s oldest recipe is for none other than…beer!
  2. Beer bottles weren’t invented until 1850. Before then, people would carry their booze home in a special bucket.
  3. In Medieval England, beer was often served for breakfast.
  4. In 1642, the first brewery in America was built in Hoboken, New Jersey.
  5. In the Czech Republic, beer is cheaper than soda! (True story…)
  6. In 1600 BC Egypt, beer was used to treat over 100 illnesses.
  7. Zythology is the study of beer and beer-making, including the role particular ingredients play in the brewing process.
  8. There are over 400 different types of beer.
  9. Belgium has the most individual beer brands in the world.
  10. Hops used in beer are in the same family of flowering plants as marijuana.

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