See Your Resolutions Through – How to Order Healthier Takeout

With us now three weeks into the New Year, many people who made the wonderful and life-changing resolution to eat healthier may be starting to feel old temptations begin to creep up or new ones arise as time and repetition begin to foil all those hopeful plans to make 2014 the year they clean up their diet.  Because, with so many things, we get bored when we do the same deed repetitively, and the same goes for diet.  So when you can’t stand the idea of standing in your kitchen and preparing your baked chicken and steamed vegetables for the night, do yourself a favor and take a break.  

Just because you’re eating out doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health (or your waistline).  You only need to be aware of some of the pitfalls you may unintentionally take when making the decision to order in.


Grilled Chicken Salad from El Pollo Loco

The Sneaky Salad

Oh, salads.  What happened?  When did you go from rabbit food to bursting with more calories than a cheeseburger?  The trick to dodging a diet-fail bullet is simply reading the ingredients.  Avoid ordering items containing crispy meats, creamy dressings and the overuse of cheeses.  Instead, opt for grilled meats, vinaigrettes and lots of raw vegetables.  When ordering a salad from a Mexican restaurant, think outside the box and try using a house salsa over your salad opposed to a dressing.  It contains lots of flavor and little calories or artificial ingredients.

Change Up Your Sides

Side dishes can be your best or worst friend.  Things like macaroni and cheese, egg rolls, and bread sticks can change a meal from healthy to hellish quick.  So try to make your sides nutritious and satisfying.  Easy swaps can be a baked potato instead of fries, stir-fried veggies for wontons and a side salad over cheesy bread.

Feeling Saucy?

I love sauce.  So this is actually a little hard for me to write about.  But the truth is a lot of sugar and unnecessary fat hide in the sauces that we so lavishly use.  So be smart and choose dishes that use this delicious topping sparingly.  And, if possible, ask for your sauce on the side.  So instead of orange chicken, choose chicken fried rice.  Or make the switch from a butter-based sauce to a tomato sauce when ordering in Italian.  With these small changes, you can hopefully turn your simple desires to eat healthy into your everyday healthy-eating habits.

Keep your New Year’s resolution intact and see who’s delivering something healthy:

Ashley Howe is a food enthusiast, a clean-eating blogger and a full-time chef to two little ones. When not experimenting in the kitchen, Ashley likes to seek out new foods and ways to make eating deliciously fun and accessible to everyone. You can find her recipes and tips and follow her on Twitter,  Instagram, and Facebook.



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