Decadent Desserts for Delivery

We all know that moment of excitement when everyone you’re with decides to order dessert. But then comes the lack of “oomph” and the accompanying disappointment. You’d be surprised at how easy it is for something otherwise delicious, like Tiramisu, to fall flat. But whether you’re looking for the perfect end to a long day, or you’re just wildly head over heels for pie , we’ve got you covered with the good stuff.

Here are our favorite decadent desserts, from Brooklyn to LA, delivered.

1. Sicilian Cannoli from Aputia Sicilian Pastry & Cafe in Brooklyn: This freshly fried pastry shell—lined with chocolate, filled with fresh ricotta cream cheese, and topped with dry orange peel—is one serious pick-me-up.

Sicilian Cannoli Aputia Sicilian Pastry & Cafe

2. Strawberry Banana and Nutella Crepe from Crespella in Brooklyn: A warm, classic crepe with banana, strawberries and nutella is pure heaven. In fact, anyone that incorporates nutella is a winner in our book.

Strawberry Banana Nutella Crepe Crespella

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie from Cookies N’ Crepes  in Jersey City: Finally, someplace that understands us. This decadent cookie is ridiculously rich, and that’s always a plus.


4. Banana Nutella Ebelskiverse from Sugar and Plumm in the West Village: This traditional Danish pancake (in the shape of a sphere) also comes with a lovely dose of chopped hazelnuts and whipped cream. If that’s not satisfying enough, just eat up that title.

banana nutella ebelskiver sugar and plumm

5. Key Lime Pie from Simple Things Sandwich & Pie Shop in Los Angeles: a bit of grated lime and whipped cream top it off. The want is incredibly strong with this one.

key lime pie simple things sandwich and pastry shop

Everyone has a favorite dessert…or 5. Let us know your favorite and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@deliverydotcom) and Facebook (/deliverydotcom)!



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