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Today marks the start of the 54th annual National Wine Week. That means 5 days, 10 cities, and the ultimate wine tasting experience. For those of you stuck in the office or generally busy saving the world, we’re here with an important reminder to slow down and smell the grapes.

So how about your own blind wine tasting party? Whether you’re attending or hosting (or have no idea what you’re doing), here are some of our favorite pairings to get you started. Remember, there’s no need for highbrow “ten-dollar” words, although there’s nothing wrong with ten-dollar bottles. Oh, and boxes with straws have feelings, too.

Sancerre wine and goat cheese – This is about as classic as it gets. Sancerre is crisp, light, and stands out in between the cheeses. Educate your friends about the region, history and cuisine. “What grows together goes together” will start the conversation.

Moscato with White Chocolate Strawberries – Some wine gurus say that tannic (most red) wine really likes to bind with proteins, so the higher the protein content of the food, the better the pairing. Think beef.  But accompaniments like sweet chocolate help to enhance the bitterness, too.

Malbec with Cured Meats – Offering some of the best values of any wine, Malbec can come in a large range of styles. It can be big and bright or complex and earthy, but always perfect when accompanying a dark meat. Pro tip for cheating on a blind taste test: Malbec has an easy “tell,” as it leaves bright magenta residue on the rim.

See who’s delivering wine and liquor in your neighborhood!

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New Jersey:
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