The Perfect Grilled Cheese, Please.

April showers may bring flowers, but we’re more interested in National Grilled Cheese Day. And while we’re told that April 12th is the official national holiday, we think it’s grater to spend all month singing its praises.  So in queso trouble, don’t be left prov-alone with nacho cheese; order from the following restaurants that grill up a muenster sandwich to make you feel cheddar!


You can order a grilled cheese panini with Gruyere and Fontina cheese from L’acajou or you can have a grilled cheese sandwich with Parmesan encrusted brioche, cheddar, Jack and Swiss cheese from Straw in San Francisco, CA.

How does a grilled cheese with melted Swiss cheese, kalamata olives and garlic aioli siound? Order yours from Mocafe  in West Hollywood, CA.

Don’t let the name fool ya! They may specialize in burger making, but the not-so-secret key is the cheese. Go for the Double Decker Grilled Cheese sandwich on Texas toast from Cheeseburger Baby in Miami Beach, FL.

Chi-town fanatics, dig into the Maxwell Street Grilled Cheese which is sliced and grilled Polish sausage, caramelized onions, provolone cheese & sun dried tomatoes on Texas toast. Or if you’re feeling bolder, order the El Diablo Rojo with Toluca-style chorizo, Chihuahua cheese and roasted jalapeno peppers at  The Big Cheese in Chicago, IL.The Big Cheese

If you had their burgers or dogs, you know they have a way of perfecting the simplest ingredients. Try their grilled cheese, whose bun is inverted flat out, coated with mayo and stuffed with American cheese. Five Guys in South Bend, IN.

Bored with the usual grilled cheese on bread? How about a grilled cheese waffle at Mosaic Cuisine and Cafe in Rockville, MD.

Can you handle the Grilly Cheese – a double decker with three thick slices of bread, buttered then grilled with yellow and white American cheese, topped with crisp bacon? Or try the Pop Eye, with yellow and white cheddar cheese topped on to pumperknickel bread, buttered and grilled with spinach and bacon. Order from Grilly Cheese in Glassboro, NJ.

little muenster

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