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With Labor Day just a few days away in Hong Kong, we are pleased to help make life a little more labour-free—especially for coworkers—with the launch of Hong Kong, our first expansion into international markets.’s new website for Hong Kong,, boasts a curated list of premium and popular merchants tailored to the corporate consumer. These merchants feature a wide range of products, from delicious meals, craft beers and desserts to cold-pressed juices, organic groceries, wonderful wines and more.

So why are we turning our attention to Hong Kong now?

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated places with a cultural and business environment that mirrors New York City, where is headquartered. A financial hub with a highly concentrated corporate center and residential footprint, Hong Kong is ripe for hyperlocal e-commerce and’s proven expertise.  Long working hours, the growing popularity of team lunches, and increasingly tech-savvy consumers support the need for a central online marketplace where busy professionals with limited free time can order high-quality delivery, particularly during the workday’s peak lunchtime hours.

At launch, our Hong Kong platform will provide online ordering from local merchants to corporate consumers, with the financial and legal industries comprising our most active client base. Financial services represent one of the fastest growing employment segments in Hong Kong; London’s Centre for Economics and Business Research forecasts Hong Kong will have more than 260,000 positions by 2016, eclipsing New York and London.

Local online ordering in Hong Kong is only just starting to take off.  Food delivery, for example, according to a January Euromonitor study, accounts for less than 3 percent (HK$1.7 billion) of the HK$65 billion in revenue produced by full service restaurants as a whole. We predict that number will rise exponentially with the introduction and adoption of hyperlocal e-commerce platforms like

Having delivery options is value additive to businesses, especially in high rent locations like Hong Kong and New York. Local businesses can use delivery to create sales—many current merchants in the U.S. cite 30-40 percent of their overall business comes from takeout and delivery—without needing to increase their retail footprint.  Rising rents in Hong Kong, which have doubled since 2011, have forced many merchants to shutter their doors, including Lei Yuen Congee, a well-known Hong Kong favorite in the community that operated for 42 years. Our platform will help businesses address these challenges by providing an off-premises revenue stream and marketing engine.

The good news for local businesses is that there is evidence of increasingly sophisticated consumer palettes and a growing preference for artisanal, local offerings over those of chain restaurants and stores. In fact, in 2012, independent restaurants generated nearly 85 percent of the revenue from the city’s nearly 8,500 restaurants. With that in mind, many of our restaurant partners created special menu items and lunch sets only available to the corporate consumer on These include:

  • Comfort – celebrity Chef Harlan Goldstein’s multicultural, casual concept menu based on comfort food features an exclusive lunch menu designed for busy professionals, with a number of nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Happy Cow – hand-crafted vegan ice cream
  • King’s Taste – a modern mix of Chinese flavors from Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai and Hangzhou
  • La Rotisserie – authentic French country cuisine with ingredients imported directly from France
  • Masu – traditional Japanese favorites like robatayaki, sushi and other specialties
  • Sugo Sushi – the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers



In Hong Kong and all throughout the U.S., empowers the neighborhood economy by enabling customers to order online from their favorite local restaurants, grocery stores, wine and spirits shops, and laundry and dry cleaning providers. Every day more than one million customers explore their communities and order from more than 10,000 local businesses while at home, at work, or on the go. With headquarters in New York and a growing presence throughout the U.S. and internationally, makes e-commerce an integral part of local daily life, helping customers shop, businesses grow, and neighborhood thrive.



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