| The ABCs of Dry Cleaning

Sometimes, the old washer/dryer duo just doesn’t cut it. And who has the time to hand wash anything these days?

That’s where dry cleaning delivery comes in. It’s quick, convenient, and it gets those hard-to-clean fabrics good as new. Why waste hours on laundry when you can get it picked up and dropped off?

Winter is coming… to an end (FINALLY) and the spring/summer season is right around the corner, so here are some tips to get ready!


1. Garment Storage 

Too many clothes and too little space? Especially for those bulky winter coats? No worries. Some dry cleaners offer garment storage in vaults that will protect your threads from pesky insects, mildew, burglary, and fire. Originally designed to store expensive furs, the bins keep your seasonal clothes safe and sound. Be sure to get your clothes picked up and cleaned prior to storage to ensure maximum freshness. It’s time to make room for shorts and sundresses!


2. Pressed and Polished 

Irons might as well be obsolete. Why go through all that trouble when the cleaners will press your shirts for free? Get your clothes professionally pressed and skip the hassle. Be sure to talk to your cleaners about peculiar preferences you may have such as a middle crease on your dress slacks. Is your shirt starting to look worn and too pressed? No worries! Ask your cleaner to iron your shirt on a low temperature setting while inside-out to help your garment look as good as the day you bought it! You can rest easy knowing all of your winter garments will be crisp and ready for the following year.


3. Laundry Not Included 

Dry cleaning isn’t just for your fancy duds. Many cleaners offer commercial laundry services that aren’t reserved for expensive silks or wools. Get your everyday attire looking as good as your fancy threads. Not only will they be professionally washed and tended to, they will be pressed as well. You won’t have to lift a finger carrying those heavy winter layers. You can get your dry cleaning AND laundry picked up, cleaned, and dropped off at your convenience! If only the rest of Spring Cleaning could be so easy.


4. Pesky Plastic

Be sure to remove the plastic that your clothes come in from the cleaners. Dry cleaning involves a lot of chemicals that the plastic will suffocate your garments in, if not properly removed. Take off the plastic wrap and let your garments air out in a ventilated space before hanging them straight in your closet. This will avoid exposing your other clothes to the chemicals, making everything last longer. Be sure to air out clothes that have been freshly dry cleaned before storage to ensure maximum durability.


5. Tickets Please 

Keep your tickets safe! How many times have you gone to pick up your dry cleaning only to be frustrated to no end looking for your ticket? If you are someone who frequently misplaces things, one way to combat this issue is to take a picture of your ticket on your smartphone or camera. Another solution? Avoid the tickets altogether and get your clothes picked up and delivered straight to your door!


Leave laundry to the pros.  Be sure to schedule a pickup and delivery today.

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