We Whipped Up a Brand New Menu

In the past year, you’ve all spent around 30,000,000 minutes looking at delivery.com menus. That’s a lot of time feasting your eyes instead of feasting your bellies. So the coding cooks in our high-tech kitchen went to work, whipping up a brand new menu that’ll get you from login to checkout faster and easier—and give you something nicer to look at while you’re deciding between Pad Thai and Pad See Ew (the right answer: there isn’t one).

Under the hood, we built a more powerful search function that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for, stat. Hungry for a sushi roll with “eel and avocado” but didn’t know it was called a “Red Phoenix Roll”? No problem. Craving “spicy chicken” from a great Chinese spot? You got it. The more search terms and ingredients you plug in, the better the results we’ll dish back at you.

We also added a “sticky” navigation bar on the left that lets you easily jump around big menus with fewer clicks. So if you’re already on ‘zerts but realize you want to change your tray-tray, it’s easy peasy.


And since 30 million minutes means some of you just love reading a menu like it’s the next Harry Potter, we gave them a facelift too. Improved typography makes them easier on the eyes and easier to read. Plus, we made sure that every page responds to your device, so that it looks perfect whether you’re on a phone, tablet, desktop computer, or anything else.

Whew. That’s a lot of talk, and it’s been at least a few hours since we last ate. So if you don’t mind, we’re gonna go order now.




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