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The release of our new iOS app offered a whole lot more than just your run-of-the-mill “bug fixes and performance improvements.” This time around we went for a total redesign, complete with new user flows and plenty of new features. Whether you’ve already had a chance to start exploring the new experience or you’re still on the fence about downloading the app, let’s take a look at some of the highlights to help whet your app-etite for more.

A New Recommendation Engine

Our goal is to put the whole neighborhood in your pocket, but sometimes the neighborhood can be pretty hefty. With so many places to choose from, recommendations make it easier than ever to get a great meal, pronto. Just tap “Recommended for You” to pull up a list of restaurants we think you’ll love, based on a machine-learning algorithm that knows your tastes and improves every time you order.


Once you see the recommendations, you can sort by various options like distance, rating, or price. And you can add all sorts of features to narrow down your search and find the perfect bite.


Less Taps, More Information

If a restaurant or store on the search results page strikes your fancy, why not find out more without wasting a tap? Just swipe left to find out what the most popular items are, and swipe right to see the location on a map — an especially nifty feature if you’re ordering for pickup.


Navigation Bar

Big menus are great; everyone loves options. But on a teeny-tiny iPhone screen (yes, even on the Plus) working your way around a long menu can be tough. Not anymore! Just look for the three little dots on the right side of every menu to pull up a navigation bar that lets you jump from section to section in a snap.


All New Alcohol Flow

Everyone has their favorite burger spot, taco joint, pizza place and so on. But when all you want is a six-pack of Budweiser or a bottle of Malbec, you know it’ll taste the same no matter who delivers. That’s why we changed our alcohol ordering flow to be product-first: just browse inventory with actual images like you’re scanning the shelves at the store, or search for exactly what you need and tap for your drink of choice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.49.58 PM

Multi-Merchant Checkout

Sometimes one liquor store might have the bottle of Tito’s you need, but not that brand of Sauvignon blanc you’re looking for. And some states like New York limit the types of alcohol that can be sold from a single merchant, which is why beer and liquor are always sold separately. Now you can build a bag of all the booze you need, then check out with a single payment while we match you with multiple merchants behind the scenes to fulfill the order.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.49.58 PM

Laundry Price Compare

How many times have you settled for the closest cleaner to your daily commute, just because you don’t feel like lugging a heavy bag around town? With Price Compare — the default laundry ordering method on the app — you can choose the best local cleaner for you based on exactly what you need cleaned. Start by selecting a pickup time and as many services as you need, from wash-and-fold to dry cleaning to tailoring.


If you’re in a hurry, you can just tap “Entire Load” (or “Not sure” for wash-and-fold) and the cleaner will sort your stuff and update your bill later. But if you know exactly what you need cleaned, you can select each individual item in order to generate an exact price quote.


This allows you to select a cleaner based on the best deal, the best rating, or whatever criteria you value most.





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