New York’s Hottest Pastrami Sandwiches

Here at HQ in New York, temperatures have finally tumbled into freezing territory. Plus, there’s a winter storm on the way promising plenty of snow and even more reasons to hunker down and get delivery.

So even though now is usually the time of year when you start to question your life decisions and consider breaking your apartment lease and moving to a tropical climate where you can learn to surf and finally take up scuba diving and maybe even open up that little rum bar by the beach you always talked about with your friends—relax. This is New York. Where you can get literally the world’s best pastrami sandwich delivered to your door piping hot, no matter how cold it is outside.

As our way of fighting back against the weather and reminding ourselves why New York winters are worth the squeeze, we’re putting the “DELI” in “DELIVERY” and giving you a roundup of the best pastrami sandwiches available for delivery near you. 

Es gezunterheyt! (Yep, that’s yiddish for “bon appetit!”)

Don’t see your favorite pastrami sandwich listed here? Kvetch in the comments!



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