Ready. Set. Hack.

50+ Employees. 16 Teams. 3 Days. And a whole lot of Red Bull deliveries.

Welcome to the first ever Hackathon!


Today we kicked off our first internal hackathon to plenty of fanfare and tons of excitement. Even as a technology company, a place like is made up of so much more than only developers, and this is the first opportunity for different team members to step outside their usual roles and join forces with coworkers they might have never worked with before.

From Account Managers, Customer Service Reps, Product Managers and Marketers to the usual suspects of front- and back-end developers, everyone’s been teaming up to flex their creative juices and have some fun.

Pitches started off this morning at 10 a.m., teams were formed, brain food was delivered (thanks Two Boots!), and the fridges were stocked with beers. So far, so good.

There are only two-and-half days to go before the 6 a.m. Monday deadline for submissions, so I’d better quit blogging and get back to my team…

But I’ll check back in on Monday for a recap of all the amazing projects we worked. Until then, happy hacking, d-commers!



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