Happy National Frozen Food Month! Now Eat This Instead.

Grab the remote, put on your party hat, and get ready for a feast, it’s… National Frozen Food Month? (That’s, like, a thing?) For whatever reason, it seems that somewhere, some sad soul thought it worth celebrating the frozen, freezer-burned food aisle.

If you ask us, the TV dinners of the 1950s and microwaved meals of the 1970s — once the cutting edge of culinary technology — always symbolized a certain sacrifice of quality for convenience. But those were the days before you could tap a button and have real food delivered from your favorite restaurant. So in honor — if not celebration — of National Frozen Food Month, we’re here to highlight why the 21st century is the best one for foodies since humans first invented fire. Eat that, cavemen.

No time to cook? No problem.

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, but who says it has to be cooked in your home? TakeMeHome Rotisserie in Manhattan’s East Village lets you order deliciously juicy chicken and healthy sides for a guilt-free meal. And if you’re looking for great Italian food just like grandma used to make it, you can’t go wrong with Grandma Rose’s in Brooklyn.

Settling in doesn’t mean you have to settle.

Just because you have no intention of leaving the couch doesn’t mean you can’t dine like royalty. Even with thousands of options for food, you can always find the right wine to pair with your order. And who says there’s anything wrong with reclining while you’re wining and dining? The Greeks dug it.

Take a byte out of food tech.

Every day, more and more merchants are doing their deliveries with UberRUSH. From Fuku and Fatty Crab in New York to Trattoria da Vittorio and Urban Picnic in San Fran to JINYA Ramen Bar in Chicago, even your food gets to take an Uber. Yup, what a world.

Still craving a Hot Pocket?

Hey, we get it. Sometimes a Stouffer’s just hits the spot. But no one said you can’t keep your freezer stocked with frozen groceries. We just assume you have better ways to spend your time than browsing the coldest aisle of the grocery store. Because whatever you need, there’s delivery for that!



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