The New Alcohol Experience: Tips for the Tipsy

Welcome to alcohol buying, the way it was meant to be. Sure, you’ve been able to order beer, wine and liquor on demand for a while now thanks to, but we went ahead and distilled the process down to the essentials, so you can get booze delivered more confidently and conveniently than ever before.

Now when you go to shop for alcohol, you’ll be met with a revamped layout designed to help you through your search as easily as possible. Just pick a category to get started.

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The liquor store experience, without going to the liquor store.

Next comes a totally visual, virtual shelf, complete with product images that let you know exactly what you’re buying. Quickly navigate to your favorite bottle, or take your time and drink it all in.

Virtual-aisle (1)


Find it faster with filters.

On the left navigation bar, you’ll see all sorts of new filters, depending on the category you’re in. Looking for an Argentine Malbec, somewhere in the $10-$20 range? Easy peasy. You can narrow your search in less time than it normally takes walking to the other side of the liquor store.

Filters (2)


Be an informed buyer with product descriptions.

These days, it seems like there’s a new craft beer or liquor brand popping up every day. Not sure what the flavor profile is on that new IPA, or what exact region a certain wine originates from? Detailed product descriptions make sure everyone can shop like a connoisseur.

Bottle-Description (1)


Have a favorite local store? Here’s how to find it!

By now you’ve probably noticed that the old method of selecting a store from a list of options is a thing of the past. As soon as you plug in your address, we match you with the best local store based on multiple factors like distance, rating, reliability, and breadth of inventory. But if you know you have a favorite, no problem! Just select “Change Store” on the left to make the switch. And next time you order, that store will automatically start as your default option.

Merchant-Store-Change (1)


Get beer, wine, and liquor — all in a single order.

New Yorkers know: in this state, wine and liquor are always sold separately from beer. Not the most convenient fact if you’re stocking up for a party — or just stocking up. With Multi-Merchant Checkout, you can build a bag of everything you need, and you only have to pay once for two separate deliveries.

MultiAlcoholCheckout (1)


For a full rundown, watch our tutorial video!

Thirsty yet? Start exploring the new alcohol experience today, and make sure to comment below with any feedback or questions!



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