Raise Your Glass to Our Newest Addition!

Exciting news over by the delivery.com watercoolers: Today we announced that BrewDrop, a leading app for alcohol on demand, is joining the delivery.com family!

Launched in 2014 in Austin, TX, BrewDrop quickly became the go-to app for ordering alcohol in the area, especially with the big college contingent in town.

Whether you’ve used the BrewDrop app in the past or not, this is great news for everyone that loves easy access to beer, wine, and liquor. With a stronghold in Austin, delivery.com now has a springboard for continued expansion in Texas and throughout the U.S., and not just for alcohol, but food, groceries, and laundry too.

We’re thrilled to bring BrewDrop and its loyal users along for the ride as we continue to create the best destination for getting everything you need delivered. Cheers to that!



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