Tell a Friend for Your Ticket to the Big Bucks!

With our winning Tell-a-Friend program, YOU can make the easiest $7 of your life EVERY time you tell a friend, family member, neighbor, acquaintance, sworn enemy, or pet* about!

Eleven Things This Guide Will Do For You**

  1. Earn you $7 when you tell a friend about
  2. Earn your friend’s love and respect when they get $7, too.
  3. Make them really love you when they learn to love delivery.
  4. Enable you to make new friends.
  5. Increase your ordering power.
  6. Improve your popularity.
  7. Make your food taste better, because “free” always tastes better.
  8. Make your drinks stronger.
  9. Make your clothes cleaner.
  10. Earn you another $7 when you tell your crazy neighbor, Cosmo.
  11. Earn you $252 when you tell all 36 people in your spin class.

*Pet must have valid credit card and photo ID.
**Results based on winning friends and influencing people not guaranteed. Getting $7, however, is totally guaranteed.




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