More Ways to Pay With Venmo & Visa Checkout!

You know that awesome feeling of eating your favorite meal without even turning on a stove? (Or, let’s face it, getting off the couch?) Maybe you prefer the joy of wearing clean socks and a fresh shirt without the (very real) struggle of standing in a sweaty laundromat. Well, for all the delights of, there’s still that whole paying part, which is nobody’s favorite. But with the introduction of Venmo payments and the addition of Visa Checkout to the mobile app, we’re excited to announce more ways to make paying painless.

Now, after you tap for some pad thai, tequila, or dry cleaning, you can check out using one of an ever-growing number of payment options, including Venmo, Visa Checkout, PayPal, Apple Pay, card or cash. (Hey, we’ve got 13,000+ businesses across four different categories. We like having options.)

Venmo is great for letting you zip through checkout and for sharing your favorite finds with friends. But the best part has to be the Split feature, which lets you split the bill with as many people as you want. From breakfast at work to dinner and drinks, great deliveries are even better with friends, and Venmo helps makes sharing easier.

For more on exactly how the integration works, check out the video below to see Venmo payments in action.

As of today, you can also order with the app and pay with Visa Checkout — another safe and secure way to place orders without the hassle of entering credit card information. If you don’t already have a Visa Checkout account, it takes about two seconds to set one up. And since they accept most major credit cards, you don’t even need a Visa account. Oh, and the best part? The first time you use Visa Checkout on, you’ll automatically get $5 off your order! Not bad, not bad at all.



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