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We’ve rolled out a few new features that we think you’re going to dig. Check them out below!

Group Ordering

With group ordering, it’s easy to please everyone! Just choose a restaurant, invite others to join and set spend limits and deadlines to keep your order on track. Create orders for your office, coworkers, friends and family—it’s the perfect solution for feeding a hungry group.

Cut-off Time Reminder

There is nothing worse than forgetting something—especially when that something is a food order. With so many deadlines you already have to remember, let us do the reminding for you. Stay on schedule with a friendly email to remind the organizer that it’s time to place the order.

Email Reminder:

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 2.38.58 PM


Group Order Email Notifications

Now you can take the guesswork out of group ordering and keep tabs on your food! Shortly after an order is placed, we’ll send an email to all participants letting everyone know that the order has been placed.

Paying with Coworkers*

Office crunch time shouldn’t mean missing lunchtime. If you’re stuck in all-day meetings or simply have zero time to grab food on your own, Paying with Coworkers is a convenient way to piggyback on an order with your coworker and pay with your Corporate Credit. Contact your Account Manager to activate this feature, add your items and let your Coworker apply your credit to the order.

*Please note: Paying With Coworkers must be enabled to use this feature. Please contact your Account Manager for more info.

Group Order Email Autofill and Credit Sharing

Gone are the days of tediously typing an email address to pull coworkers’ credits and pay for their food. If you’re placing a group order, once members have joined, their credit is automatically allocated. The faster the order is completed, the sooner everyone gets his or her meals. We call that a win-win in our book!


email fill


auto pull


Ordering on Behalf of Others

It happens—sometimes people miss the boat when it comes to ordering food together. But all is not lost for those folks! You can now order on behalf of others and pay with their credit even after you’ve submitted your order and spent your credits. Talk about office hero!




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