Market Operator Highlight: Billi Vincent, Springfield Illinois powers the neighborhood economy by enabling consumers and corporate offices to order online from their favorite restaurants and local businesses. Many of our Market Operators live within the communities they serve. They support local restaurants and create job opportunities. Over the next few months we’ll be highlighting our Market Operators and the great work they do. 

Tell us about your market, do you live there? 

I live in Springfield. Over the years I’ve traveled and have lived all over the country, but I call Springfield my hometown. I also operate the Bloomington Illinois market. 

How did you enter the food delivery industry? 

 I was a restaurant manager for years here and worked with a lot of the other locally owned restaurants, and then ended up managing the delivery business. Eventually I built the delivery business up and purchased the market from the previous owner. I was able to grow the  restaurants on the platform because I knew so many of them personally. They can call my phone and house or email me if they have issues.


How do you feel your business differentiates from the competition? 

I believe having top notch drivers helps grow the business. Sometimes I will sit in a restaurant and wait to see if the driver comes in wearing their shirt and carrying their delivery bag. I make sure to train them to keep things clean and do the best job they can while in a restaurant and speaking with customers. Most of the restaurants are locally owned, they know me, they know our drivers by name. I’ve had people on the platform with me for years.


Any fun facts about your market that you’d like us to know? 

In regular years, I sponsor local demo derby cars. We also have a lot of food festivals, one of which is called Taste of Springfield. We set up a booth down there and advertise ourselves and mostly locally owned restaurants. In Springfield, we have an item called a Horseshoe, two pieces of toast on the bottom, your choice of meat, then french fries and then cheese sauce on top. People come from all over the place for the Horseshoe. 


Tell us about yourself, what do you do with your time outside of the business?

I’m a skydiver, I do demo derby, I play hockey, I snowmobile all over the northern states in winter time, I have two great sons, one who just came home from the Marines.  We’re big four wheeler riders. Sometimes I bring some of my drivers out for four wheeling.


Want to become a driver in Springfield or Bloomington IN? Apply here!