Market Operator Highlight- Patrick Ely powers the neighborhood economy by enabling consumers and corporate offices to order online from their favorite restaurants and local businesses. Many of our Market Operators live within the communities they serve. They support local restaurants and create job opportunities. Over the next few months we’ll be highlighting our Market Operators and the great work they do. 

Introducing! Liquor, Laundry, and Corporate ordering in Cookeville.

Tell us about your markets, do you live there? 

I lived in Elizabethtown for about a year but Cookeville has always been home. I moved here in 2006 with my family. I also operate in Bardstown and Campbellsville KY. 

How did you enter the food delivery industry? 

My father owned a restaurant from the time I was 10-16 so I grew up working in a restaurant. My mother opened up Food of Your Mood (now in 2008 and it was open for about two years before closing to focus on raising my brother and I. I ended up opening Food of Your Mood back up primarily through Facebook quite a few years later when I realized I wasn’t enjoying my full time job. I was 20 years old when I started the business.

How do you feel your business differentiates from the competition? 

We’ve always really prided ourselves on top notch service and always being available for our community. I have a lot of people who use our service that have my personal cell phone number. We try to go above and beyond for our customers no matter what. We want to make sure our drivers do an excellent job and keeping great relationships with them goes a long way. We have sponsored different sports programs over the years, especially at the high school. We’ll often go out and do giveaways within the community. 

Any fun facts about your market that you’d like us to know? 

This is the only Cookeville in the country. There are a lot of outdoor experiences, great state parks, waterfalls and rivers to hike, explore and travel.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do with your time outside of the business?

I love to travel and see new places around the country. Whenever I’m not working, I get some downtime in or go out to restaurants in the area and hang out with friends.

Interested in becoming a delivery driver in Cookeville, Elizabethtown, Bardstown or Campbellsville KY? Apply here.