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When I Tip You Tip We Tip


‘Tis the season for giving thanks, giving back, and getting a whole bunch of year-in-review stats! Today, in honor of Thanksgiving we’re looking back at some of the most interesting tipping trends from 2015. First off, let’s all pat ourselves on the backs—this year we tipped delivery workers 5% more than in 2014! While the

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Check Us Out on Product Hunt!

banner_producthunt (1)

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got a brand new iOS app out in the wild! We’re pretty proud of the results, so we submitted it to Product Hunt, where tons of innovators and enthusiasts can vote on the best new products on the market. Check it out — you might just discover your second

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Discover More About the App


The release of our new iOS app offered a whole lot more than just your run-of-the-mill “bug fixes and performance improvements.” This time around we went for a total redesign, complete with new user flows and plenty of new features. Whether you’ve already had a chance to start exploring the new experience or you’re

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Get to Know Our New iOS App!


It’s official. We’ve got a brand new app for iOS, and we think you’ll be pretty pleased with the results. If you haven’t updated to the new version yet, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, we’ll wait… Great! Now that you’ve got it, you’ll probably notice the slick new design that lets you easily

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National Sandwich Day


We’re sure that no one has to tell you how wonderful sandwiches are – you’ve known that since preschool when you fell in love with the classic peanut butter and jelly (crusts off, of course). But in case you’re looking to celebrate National Sandwich Day in a big way, here are some of our favorite

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Eat Maps: What’s Your City’s Favorite Bite?

Infographic-EastvsWest (1)

Sure, some of us adhere to a Taco Tuesday, Thai Friday, and Sushi Saturday routine, with a couple of Pizza Brunches thrown in because we’re adults and we can eat pizza for breakfast if we want to! But it turns out that where you’re from might just affect your favorite cuisine. Does Chicago’s Mexican food

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We Whipped Up a Brand New Menu

NewMenu-header3 (1)

In the past year, you’ve all spent around 30,000,000 minutes looking at menus. That’s a lot of time feasting your eyes instead of feasting your bellies. So the coding cooks in our high-tech kitchen went to work, whipping up a brand new menu that’ll get you from login to checkout faster and easier—and give

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Dems vs. Repubs: Who Eats More Fried Rice?

Infographic-Political-Debate-4 (2)

Last night, millions of Americans sat down in front of their TVs to see the Democratic candidates duke it out discussing top issues. Perfect opportunity to order food! So what were these millions of Americans ordering, you ask? We compared cuisine ordering from last night’s Democratic debate compared with what was ordered during last month’s

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Say #yestodelivery


Are you that person who as soon as your delivery arrives at your door you snap a picture of the goods you ordered? This is the perfect contest for you! Free credits. Delivered. For the next 10 days, we’re giving away $50 credits each day to a randomly selected winner who shows us how they

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