What We’re Ordering: SPOT Dessert Bar

After a long day of putting up new Delivery.com stickers on the windows of all of your favorite restaurants – keep an eye out for them! – fellow intern Tracy and I were tired to say the least. We were getting that 3:30 feeling, as the commercial so painfully describes, and were in need of a pick-me-up. The solution? SPOT Dessert Bar – nothing like some sugary treats to get you through the day!

New Merchants: New York vs. Massachusetts

The popular Chicken Tikka Masala from Flavor of India

Delivery.com has a strong base of restaurants in our beloved hometown state of New York, but we realize other cities get just as hungry as us and need to be able to find delicious grub too. That’s why Delivery.com is continually expanding and working hard to get new merchants all over the country – without forgetting about the Big Apple.

Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with Delivery.com

Did you know that yesterday was National Fried Chicken Day? Don’t panic! Just because you missed the holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. There are still plenty of ways to satisfy your fried chicken needs right on Delivery.com (You weren’t thinking of frying your own chicken in this heat, were you?) Check out these fried chicken spots in New York that deliver to your door!

New Merchants: Adventurous Eating

Of course we have our usual orders that we fall back on in a pinch (Did you know you can save your favorite orders on Delivery.com?), but sometimes it’s nice to try something different. This week, with our new merchants serving up dishes beef tongue tostadas, pizza with shocking toppings or super spicy Thai chicken, we can definitely find something out of our comfort zone! What new dish will YOU try?

Order Burgers & Hot Dogs for July 4th!

From Illinois to New York, Delivery.com merchants are serving up the classic 4th of July meal: tasty hamburgers and hot dogs. You can simply place your order, unwind, and enjoy the holiday. Check out these grill-centric menus and start planning your Independence Day bash!

Delivery to Your Dorm: Columbia University

We’re rounding up the best Delivery.com spots near college campuses. First up – Columbia University on New York city’s Upper West Side, and man, you Columbia kids have it good! There are so many hot restaurants that deliver to your neighborhood, that it was hard for us to narrow this list down to just a few spots.