Our Commitment to Safe Delivery

Our goal at delivery.com has always been to enable delivery of the food you love most, in the safest way possible. We are driven to continually evolve what safe delivery looks like, which led to us, in an effort to do our part in “flattening the curve”, to be the first delivery platform to provide COVID-19 preparedness and safety training for frontline food delivery personnel. 

On Tuesday March 24, we proudly partnered with stopCOVID to keep drivers safe and our community healthy. StopCOVID is an NYC-based team of technologists and service industry veterans formed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Through our partnership, our Market Operators can rapidly train their drivers through a mobile-first program. Our mission is to keep serving local communities by bringing them local favorites from neighborhood restaurants, as safely as possible. 

The training is seven, five-minute drills, based on the latest WHO and CDC guidelines. Each covers topics like hand hygiene, surface disinfecting, symptoms and what to do if you discover them. Drills are accessible and flexible for drivers to do between deliveries. They are sent daily via SMS text message and WhatsApp. Operators receive daily reporting on the status of their team’s compliance. 

Accessing the training is simple: drivers receive a custom code to text a designated phone number, which begins sending one session daily. After all seven drills are successfully completed, the driver is officially certified by stopCOVID. 

Having initially tested with Market Operators and their driver networks in Michigan and Texas, we are now scaling this to all of our Market Operators and their respective driver networks. We are already iterating on ways to further expand the training to others, such as local merchant partners, and increase the ways we help our network. Our team has also added a section to our merchandise store, where market operators go to outfit their local teams. The store has health and safety products like gloves and hand sanitizer available to help Market Operators support their drivers. 

We’re proud to work to make delivery safer for our community. By working directly with partners like stopCOVID, we can help equip teams of Market Operators and drivers with the tools to stop the spread. We’ll be letting our customers know when drivers in their markets are certified, bringing them peace of mind, and the foods they love. For more information on the training visit stopCOVID.co