Mets Fans Crave Victory

Never could I have imagined being angry that the Mets made the playoffs, but here we are. With one win over the Braves in a 3-game series being the largest hurdle, things seemed primed for Mets to take the division. DeGrom, Scherzer, and Bassitt are lined up and I’m sure if you were to bet the Mets somehow lose all 3, a $10 bet would probably make you think that you should actually submit that DraftKings payout in your annual taxes.

Then comes October 2nd and long story short, its nightmare fuel. 9pm rolls around and the new House of the Dragon episode is going to have to wait because I’d rather watch Dansby Swanson and Matt Olson hit their 3rd straight homeruns against the Mets (Yes – they each hit 1 homerun in each of the 3 games).

The Braves now need to lose all 3 to the Marlins for the Mets to have a chance at the division and with Cy Young Sandy being done for the season, chances are slim. But…when its all said and done…NY Mets are in the playoffs, division champions or wild card contender, it’s the playoffs…and ya gotta believe.
Having trouble believing? — David Ahern, Senior Business Manager at

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