Restaurant Highlight: Izzy’s Feel Good Food

Tell us about your restaurant…
We opened in October of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic with a team of four: Myself (Jo Pezely) my husband Brad Bittermann, our business partner Harland Hoel, and our chef Tara Garland.  Our opening crew at the time was largely composed of other F&B professionals that had been furloughed from their jobs. We liked the location because it had the potential for a great bar, a stage that we built for live music, and a fantastic outdoor patio.

What is unique about your menu?
We wanted to create a menu that we felt wasn’t currently available at the time in the Franklin Market, so we steered clear of a lot of the classic Southern food favorites.  We had taken over Mo’s BBQ establishment, and we knew that we didn’t want to be a Meat +3, but instead have all food cooked fresh to order and made in house.  We have a variety of items on our menu that we think appeal to families with diverse eaters, from street tacos, wings, burgers, miso salmon, tuna tataki, to one of our signature items, LOBSTER FRIES!

What is your favorite thing on the menu?
Mushroom and Brie Burger with Truffle Fries is probably the favorite, but the Franklin Hot Chicken Cobb Salad gives it a run for its money for popularity.

What do you like about working with
Guy, Rob, and their team have been incredibly accommodating, flexible, and helpful from the start.  These guys get it…because they were/are restaurant people too.  Instead of trying to explain our situation, they already get the challenges we are facing, and they help us offer solutions.  This type of service is way above and beyond what you get from the “big box, big name” delivery services that you probably already have an idea of who we are talking about.

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