It’s Always a Good Time for Gifting


Just when the weather goes and takes a swan dive into an icy lake, raining down slush in subzero temps, now we’re supposed to go out and do our holiday shopping? Thanks, but we’ve got a better idea. This year, tackle your gift list with an assist from, and avoid catching a cold while

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Score $5 off with Android Pay!


If you like our new Android app, and you love getting free stuff, then get a load of this: For a limited time, you can get $5 off one order every single day. And all you have to do is check out using Android Pay. Easy right? Add any credit or debit card to your

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More Ways to Pay With Venmo & Visa Checkout!


You know that awesome feeling of eating your favorite meal without even turning on a stove? (Or, let’s face it, getting off the couch?) Maybe you prefer the joy of wearing clean socks and a fresh shirt without the (very real) struggle of standing in a sweaty laundromat. Well, for all the delights of,

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Summer’s Here, and so Are Double Points


If you’ve spent some time surfing this summer — and let’s assume you have, since you’re reading this blog post — you probably noticed some new banners floating around the website and app: All summer long, we’re doubling the already great rewards you get for ordering from those categories. Because even though food delivery might

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The Inside Scoop on Easy Breezy

Founder-stories-EasyBreezy (1)

For this week’s Founders’ Story, we traveled to Noe Valley, San Francisco, where we linked up with Ariel Ford, founder of the phenomenal frozen yogurt spot, Easy Breezy. Serving up healthy and delicious froyo since 2012, Ariel is a long-time resident of the neighborhood. So it’s no surprise that she focuses on providing locally-sourced options and strengthening the

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Order History: March Madness Edition


It’s not every year that the NCAA tournament kicks off on the same day as St. Paddy’s. But when the stars align and two of our favorite holidays coincide, we know it’s gonna be a great day… even after our perfect brackets predictably go up in flames. Will you beat the odds of 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808

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Meet the Schnipper Brothers!


For our inaugural Founders’ Story, we interviewed Andrew and Jon Schnipper, of Schnippers Quality Kitchen in New York City. Before founding Schnippers, these brothers started the NYC chain Hale & Hearty. So, suffice it to say, they know their way around the restaurant business… With Schnippers, Andrew and Jon traveled the country before developing their to-die-for menu, which

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Ready. Set. Hack.


50+ Employees. 16 Teams. 3 Days. And a whole lot of Red Bull deliveries. Welcome to the first ever Hackathon!   Today we kicked off our first internal hackathon to plenty of fanfare and tons of excitement. Even as a technology company, a place like is made up of so much more than

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2,015 Kegs Of Soup, and Other Awesome Year-End Stats


Before we say goodbye to 2015 for good, let’s take a look back at another great year that delivered big. Sure, in 2015 we moved into new office headquarters; hired a bunch and expanded the business; built a new app and wrote a zillion lines of code; and generally accomplished all kinds of company milestones.

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Get Order Alerts via Text


No matter how fast delivery is, the time between placing an order and hearing a knock on your door can feel a lot longer when you’re hungry. That’s why we’re rolling out text message updates. Now, when the restaurant or store begins working on your order, we’ll shoot you a text with a status update

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