Wellness & Working From Home

With so many people currently working from home, many of us are dealing with adjustments to our daily routines. That said, your new office is probably not without challenges. Check out some of the helpful tips we’ve put together to make the best of this time. 


Stick to a daily routine 🏋️‍♂️

While things are anything but normal, sticking to a routine can help everything feel a little bit easier. If you spent your mornings in the gym, substitute it with an online workout. Find alternatives that make things feel not-so-different. 


Set Work Hours & Work Spaces ⏰

If possible, don’t designate your bedroom to also be your office. By having a clear workspace, it helps to keep normal office hours. Speaking of office hours, working earlier or later than usual might seem ok for now, but eventually can lead to burn out. Make sure to close your computer and step away from work at the times you normally would. 


Schedule Daily Standups With Your Team 🤝

This aligns well with sticking to a routine. Not only will you benefit from the sense of structure, it can also be reassuring to see your co-workers and check in with them—whether it’s personal or professional. 


Turn On Your Camera For Calls 📸

Not only does this signify your engagement in meetings, but it also holds you accountable for sticking to a morning routine and getting ready for work. Which leads us to…


Get Dressed For Work 👖

This will benefit you in a multitude of ways. It shows your coworkers you’re dedicated to showing up, it helps you mentally prepare for the rest of the day, and honestly, it just feels good. 


Eat Healthy Snacks 🍓

You are what you eat, and right now, staying on top of your health has never been more important. Eating healthy snacks during the day can help with focus, and energy while you work. 


Support Local Business 📍

As mentioned, grocery stores are starting to run low, and sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking. If you fall into either category, we suggest supporting a local business by ordering online for pickup or delivery. Read more about the safest ways to order from us here


While we know it’s not easy to stay positive right now, we encourage you to do whatever’s necessary to take care of both your mental and physical wellbeing. We appreciate the delivery.com community more than ever, and we’re so happy that you’re a part of it.