Restaurant Ally – Benny’s Tacos

One of our local picks, Benny’s Tacos is an ally in our support of LGBTQ+ causes nationally and locally. They’re matching our donations to the Human Rights Campaign this month.

With three locations in LA, Benny’s specializes in tacos, burritos, quesadillas and our delicious homemade soup. We talked to owner Benny Borsakian about his commitment to the community, and accepting everyone who comes into his restaurants.

Benny’s is involved in the local neighborhoods they serve, donating food and reminding staff and team members to “love everyone,” said Borsakian. “We try to educate everyone that works for us.” The team prioritizes meeting and serving everyone well, and is fiercely dedicated to supporting customers.

Feeding others is a priority for Benny’s. “My family and I came to the United States in 1971, we had a rough time, and I was always hungry. I promised myself to open a restaurant and feed people. It makes me very happy when I see people eat,” said Borsakian.

Let us donate $1 from your order to HRC. Use code PRIDE2021 at checkout.

Learn more about HRC here:

Get involved! If you have any local charities, or allies in the community who identify as LGBTQ+ or supporting LGBTQ+ causes, let us know. Find your local Market Operator here and contact them to get involved.