Shaka Kitchen: Simple Ingredients, Exceptionally Elevated


Kiersten and Krista Gormeley, the founders of Shaka Kitchen(Pictured left), moved to the small town of Hilo, Hawaii in 2014. It was here where they learned about the “Hawaiian way” and gained the inspiration that would lead to the creation of the infamous Shaka Kitchen.

To the sisters, the Hawaiian way meant more than just the local way of living. It meant living better, eating wholesome, fresh, nutritious food, and living an active yet relaxed lifestyle. It meant moving your body in a meaningful way, treating one’s body and the world that nourishes it with respect and gratitude. It was an inspiration to their being as a whole and one they wanted to share with the world.

Shaka Kitchen was to be a health focused eatery, inspired by the Hawaiian lifestyle: colorful, simple, and healthy. This was to be a place where one could escape the stresses of everyday life and focus on the betterment of oneself through eating wholesome, fresh, nutritious food in a relaxing environment with a caring staff that treats each and every customer like ohana (Family). 

Shaka Kitchen has been featured in Forbes, The Digest, The Food Network and several other media outlets. In 2019, Kiersten brought home the title “Chopped Champion” from Foot Network’s popular show Chopped.

Shaka Kitchen reminds us that easting wholesome doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor for nutritious options! Check out their menu today and try their house-made vegan funfetti cookies. Score a free house-made cookie with any order over $15 this month.