Neighborhood Spotlight: Queens, NY

Queens, NY is a unique part of New York City. The mix of cultures and food makes it a great place to explore for something delicious to eat. At, we recently expanded our operations into Flushing, Queens. Read on for some of our local picks:

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is a local branch of an international Taiwanese dessert shop specializing in brown sugar boba milk tea.

Sen Udon

Sen Udon in an up and coming, authentic Japanese restaurant in Queens, NY. They are a family-owned establishment that is proud to serve guests and their community. With intriguing fusion cuisine from every corner of Asia, we invite you to order for delivery tonight. You won’t want to miss out on the bold and distinctive tastes that await you.

The Coop Restaurant & Bar

The Coop Restaurant & Bar is a local favorite of employees at! Our very own Queens local, Nicole, calls the bulgogi quesadilla “A delicious spin on comfort food. Perfect after a long day of work”.

Kulu Desserts

Kulu desserts was established in August 2011. The idea of their business is to bring in a new concept to the dessert cuisine. They make Crepes, Bubble Tea, and Asian Fusion Desserts, such as Hong Kong style Sweet Soups, which are a combination of ice cream, fresh fruits, pudding, and herbal jelly. Their desserts are healthy and fresh.


All of the ramen at Kyuramen are carefully developed by ramen masters. The founder of Kyuramen studied and absorbed the essence of the Japanese ramen, to create the most unique and rich Ramen dishes.

Looks to explore more in Queens? We’ve got you. You can also order your favorite drinks or have your laundry washed and delivered to your door.