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How to Survive 420: Everything. Delivered.


Ok, we’ll cut to the chase. April 20th may not be an official holiday, but it sure is good for the delivery business! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that, all of a sudden, everything tastes great. Or that cooking feels more complicated than chemistry class. Or that you’re less likely to

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A Taste of Sicily at Salvo’s Pizzabar


This week we sat down with our good friend Sal Inzerillo of Salvo’s Pizzabar, one of the Upper East Side’s tastiest hidden gems offering great Italian fare. Between bites of Sicilian slices and spoonfuls of spaghetti, Sal told us all about this family affair, and how Salvos’ success has led him and his co-founders (or,

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Raise Your Glass to Our Newest Addition!


Exciting news over by the watercoolers: Today we announced that BrewDrop, a leading app for alcohol on demand, is joining the family! Launched in 2014 in Austin, TX, BrewDrop quickly became the go-to app for ordering alcohol in the area, especially with the big college contingent in town. Whether you’ve used the BrewDrop

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The Inside Scoop on Easy Breezy

Founder-stories-EasyBreezy (1)

For this week’s Founders’ Story, we traveled to Noe Valley, San Francisco, where we linked up with Ariel Ford, founder of the phenomenal frozen yogurt spot, Easy Breezy. Serving up healthy and delicious froyo since 2012, Ariel is a long-time resident of the neighborhood. So it’s no surprise that she focuses on providing locally-sourced options and strengthening the

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Order History: March Madness Edition


It’s not every year that the NCAA tournament kicks off on the same day as St. Paddy’s. But when the stars align and two of our favorite holidays coincide, we know it’s gonna be a great day… even after our perfect brackets predictably go up in flames. Will you beat the odds of 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808

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Meet the Schnipper Brothers!


For our inaugural Founders’ Story, we interviewed Andrew and Jon Schnipper, of Schnippers Quality Kitchen in New York City. Before founding Schnippers, these brothers started the NYC chain Hale & Hearty. So, suffice it to say, they know their way around the restaurant business… With Schnippers, Andrew and Jon traveled the country before developing their to-die-for menu, which

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Get the New App for iPad!


Now for iPad, the new and improved app is coming to a larger screen near you! We took all the great features of our iOS app, then optimized and super-sized them for the iPad — so you can explore your neighborhood on every device. Ready to get started? Head to the App Store and

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Happy National Frozen Food Month! Now Eat This Instead.

shutterstock_95562790 (1)

Grab the remote, put on your party hat, and get ready for a feast, it’s… National Frozen Food Month? (That’s, like, a thing?) For whatever reason, it seems that somewhere, some sad soul thought it worth celebrating the frozen, freezer-burned food aisle. If you ask us, the TV dinners of the 1950s and microwaved meals

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The Sweetest Spots for Valentine Deliveries


Unless you booked your Valentine’s Day reservation a few weeks back, now might be the time to start considering Plan B. Or even Plan D—because Delivery is still on the menu! And, let’s be honest, isn’t it more romantic to wine, dine, and recline with your Valentine without being surrounded by strangers? Maybe you already

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