It’s Always a Good Time for Gifting

Just when the weather goes and takes a swan dive into an icy lake, raining down slush in subzero temps, now we’re supposed to go out and do our holiday shopping? Thanks, but we’ve got a better idea.

This year, tackle your gift list with an assist from, and avoid catching a cold while you trudge through another outdoor holiday market.

There’s no easier way to find the perfect gift and have it delivered in under an hour. Because if there’s one thing that everybody loves, it’s great booze. Fine wines, craft beers, top-shelf spirits. You name it.

All you have to do when placing an order is select “Send as a gift” at checkout, enter the recipient’s address, and voila! You can even write an optional message to accompany the hand-delivered gift.

And since it’s so easy to do, you might just find yourself sending bottles left and right. Here are five more ways that gifting can save the day:

  1. You’ve got 25 holiday get-togethers planned, but you can’t make it to all of them. Send a bottle of bubbly in your place.
  2. Shopping for the person who has everything? There’s no way they’ve had every kind of beer.
  3. You’re running late to a party and there’s no time to stop at the liquor store. Let the drinks meet you there!
  4. Shopping for coworkers can be tough, but not when you can have a bottle of wine delivered right to their desk.
  5. Doing a Secret Santa? Santa’s sauce should do the trick!

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