Group Ordering Now Available on!

Ordering with a group has never been easier! You can now place group orders on, which makes checking out with multiple people easier and faster than ever.

Group organizers can initiate an order from any restaurant menu on the website, create custom settings (like ordering deadlines and spend limits) and then invite others to join via a share URL, email, or text link. Participants submit items to the group order in just a few clicks, and organizers can check out with all leading payment methods, including pre-paid corporate credits, major credit cards, and digital wallet providers.


With group ordering you can…

  • Choose a restaurant and invite others to join the order. It’s okay to be picky when you have lots of choices to choose from!
  • Customize your order! Set spend limits and deadlines for participants to keep the order on track
  • Score more! The organizer earns Delivery Points with every order. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Here are some pro tips from the staff on making your life easier with group ordering:

  • Order coffees on the way into the office for the team. (You’re about to be everybody’s favorite coworker!)
  • Share the group order link with everyone in a lunch meeting so that they can select their own meal.
  • Place a group pickup order to bring outside and enjoy the beautiful weather over lunch.

So what are you waiting for? Get a group together and order!!


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