Market Operator Highlight — Liam Bruno powers the neighborhood economy by enabling consumers and corporate offices to order online from their favorite restaurants and local businesses. Many of our Market Operators live within the communities they serve. They support local restaurants and create job opportunities. Over the next few months we’ll be highlighting our Market Operators and the great work they do. 

Tell us about your market, do you live there? 

I’ve come out to Nantucket in the summertime since I was a kid, but I’m originally from right outside of Boston. My parents operate a children’s summer camp in Nantucket. It’s the 30th year running, and I attended the camp as a kid and worked at the camp as I got older.

How did you get into the food delivery business? 

I was a senior in college and Doug (my current business partner) sent an email to all the taxi owners in Nantucket to let them know that he was building an app for local taxi companies to stay competitive with Uber and Lyft. It led us to where we are now. We thought of food delivery and started that in Jan 2019. 

How do you feel your business differentiates from the competition? 

We have personal relationships with the restaurants and they like speaking to us directly. There is a popular pizza place on a dock, and we have someone whose job it is to bring pizza from the dock to the cars. This is [a] hyper local approach to doing business with our local restaurants.

Any fun facts about your market that you’d like us to know? 

The clam chowder is incredibly popular here as well as lobster dinners in the summertime. There is a Boston Pops festival on the beach for 4th of July. Christmas stroll is a big weekend. Usually there are a lot of Christmas decorations and a market that local businesses attend with tents in town. Nantucket is a great place for summer homes and summer vacationing.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do with your time outside of the business?

I like to read a lot and keep up with business books. I played basketball at Wheaton College and try to stay active.

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