Restaurant Highlight: S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats Woodside, NY

S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats
6015 Woodside Ave, Woodside, NY, 11377 | Butcher, Meats

Take a look at the Valentine’s Day Menu here.

Tell us about how your brand was established.

In 1900, my grandfather Gennaro Ottomanelli left Bari, Italy to seek his fortune selling cured meats from a Greenwich Village pushcart. Three years after Onofrio, his second son was born in Manhattan, the boy was brought to his mother’s family’s farm in Bari. There he learned the butchering trade from his grandmother. In the 1930s, he returned to New York, where he and his brother, Joseph, ran the butcher shop that had replaced Gennaro’s pushcart.

What makes your menu unique?

Our family has built a reputation on simple yet strong core values and dedication. Ottomanelli seeks the best quality meats for our customers. We consistently offer friendly and courteous service. Although our meat is celebrated for its superior quality, we are always fair with our pricing.

We offer Prime Quality Meats and hard to find Wild Game Meats that most supermarkets and meat retailers don’t carry.

What are some of the most popular items on your menu? 

Our most popular items are our Prime Dry Aged Steaks. Our second most popular is our list of Wild Game Meats and Wild Game Birds.

Any fun facts or interesting stories surrounding your brand?

Playwright Arthur Miller would buy Ottomanelli meats every week in the 50’s. My dad would deliver the order to the Mr. Chow building on 57th street which is still there today. A beautiful blonde would answer the door when my dad got to their apartment. He didn’t know it was Marilyn Monroe until he saw her on TV.

How are you connected to your community? 

We sponsored charity events in our neighborhood every year prior to the start of COVID-19. 

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced recently and how have you attempted to overcome them?

While our restaurant sales have decreased … our butcher shop meat sales have increased. 

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